The internet an information superhighway to the netizens

Oxford University Press, Ganley, G. The prototypes of such devices are being seen in the form of the Third Generation 3G mobile phone devices, which incorporate data connectivity, as shown in the figure below. What this essay has expressed is the need for the Information Superhighway to provide real benefit to achieve adoption, and to therefore to be a development for the good.

However, as previously noted, for technology to be successful, consumers must be willing to adopt in numbers. Much of the information collected over 44, times in one second is the identical, hence with compression techniques redundant information can be removed.

Sage Publications, Jones, Steven ed. The next section deals directly with this issue, and how society will develop with the view that there is enough value in the Information Superhighway to invest in its development from the Internet.

The WWW has to conform to universal standards and so most browsers will be able to display the information presented in a useful form, even if the browser is an older version.

What happened instead was that after the Second World War, science became increasingly concerned with the development of ways to deal with information.

Into the Cable Age London: In the Internet age, this would be a valid point, but not in the age of the Information Superhighway. Sage Publications, Allen, J. There is the presumption that consumers will adopt because the technology "is not about computers anymore, it is about living"[46].

Robins and Webster believe that, as such, technological development is essentially hegemonic towards the good, because without it society would either stand still or worse, degenerate towards Luddite values[58].

If the Internet is to evolve into the Information Superhighway, then the definition we have of it must be precise enough to allow us to comprehensively decide exactly when the transition occurs. Sage Publications, p3, Jones, Steven ed.

In the Open University offered its first course over the Internet, and in Stanford University followed suite[56]. That includes writing reports, sending electronic mail and cruising the information superhighway. What it became was a communications tool for academics, separated by long distances, for discussion and information transfer[5].

Although these markets suffer from global inequality, nonetheless adoption relies entirely upon the concept of value. Moreover, computer internet is rapidly developing, and the world information superhighway already beginning to take shape. ECommerce over the Internet is a rising trend[37], which will continue to grow as the network reaches more people.

To further develop the Information Superhighway from this position requires those who believe in its potential to cause a shift in consumer attitudes towards this stance. The distinction, discussed earlier, Negroponte makes between atoms and bits explains the shift, where possible, from real world distribution, to distribution through Cyberspace.

Information superhighway

To develop a broadband infrastructure from the Internet is a huge undertaking, even in spite of the fact that its importance has increased through astonishing levels of growth.It looks like you've lost connection to our server.

Please check your internet connection or reload this page. Surfing the Information Superhighway: the changing face of Internet language.

It’s common to associate the Internet with all things modern and new, and so it’s perhaps unexpected that it can be considered to be nearly half a century old; the ‘symbolic birth date’ of the Internet has been declared 7 Aprilthe date of publication of the first RFC (Request for Comments) document.

Incoverage of the Internet as an “information superhighway” fell to 2, stories in major newspapers, about half the previous year’s level. At the same time, coverage of electronic commerce nearly doubled, with mentions in 1, articles. The information superhighway or infobahn was a popular term used through the s to refer to digital communication systems and the Internet telecommunications network.

It is associated with United States Senator and later Vice-President Al Gore. * Inwhile Internet usage continued to grow by leaps and bounds, the news media played down information superhighway imagery--with a mere mentions in major papers. But media mania for electronic commerce exploded.

To do this, the issue of why the Internet is a unique communications technology needs to be understood, and then why it will become the Information Superhighway.

The reason for this, I will argue, is bound in the reasons of why society adopts technology in any case.

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The internet an information superhighway to the netizens
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